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Are you an inmate in any of the prisons in the USA and are looking forward to connect with fellow singles in other prisons? This is the best opportunity to date, even when in prison. You and I know that life has to go on regardless of the level of freedom life has given us. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy life just because you are an inmate in the prisons in this country. You can take this wonderful opportunity to connect and link up with another inmate in another prison and start the conversation.

The rights and freedoms of inmates are more limited than those of other people. For example, inmates do not enjoy the right of access to internet. Those who are privileged to access internet operate in a censured environment where the communication emanating from such network is monitored, just in case there is any security breach. Most of inmates don’t just get the opportunity to go online. Again most inmates do not find time to even mingle with other prisoners from other prisons. Their movement is highly restricted.

The communication between inmates is done through postal address, where an inmate can right to another inmate and then the letter gets delivered. Through this, they shall have communicated. Lucky are you who are able to access our platform. The only thing you’ll need to do is to use this platform effectively. Our platform enables you to profile yourself as an inmate with all your details. It also enables you to search for inmates from other prisons who are out looking for single inmates. We’ve had past cases that actually turned successful, where two inmates from different prisons linked up via our platform and established communication and luckily, nurtured the relationship until both served their prison terms and then reunited after gaining full freedom.

There’s no need to pity party yourself for being behind the bars. There are many people who have received wrong convictions and wasted their useful life behind bars. They never got the chance to date other inmates in other prison and may be they also faced some family neglects, which apparently is common across many jurisdictions. You need to live your life to the best possible way regardless of the current circumstances. Take this opportunity and establish some good relationship with people who understand you. It’s very difficult in the society for an inmate to date a free person because people tend to be judgmental even on issues they are least aware off. Fellow inmates understand you better and can be a source of encouragement even as you encourage them too.

Our platform is a law abiding platform which works closely with the prison authority to ensure we don’t cause you any trouble, hence you have no reason to fear joining. Sign up by providing your information and search for single inmates ready to be your pen pal friends. Change your life, have someone writing to you, encouraging you and not judging you. Connect with fellow inmates and live your life.

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