Prison Pen Pals

Prison Pen Pals

Hi there, how are you?
I must say I’m a bit shy. I haven’t written to someone who’s been in jail before. Are you what they call incarcerated? I have always been fascinated by men who are in jail. What do they do? What are they like? And what have they done to get in there?
I suppose those are questions you could reply to me about if we are gonna be prison pen pals.
You know I was always one of those girls who rebelled from a young age. My mum and dad were so strict. There were their Christian beliefs and how a ‘lady’ should be’. That didn’t sit with me very well. I don’t know I get so confused. I don’t even know why I’m writing this letter to you. I’m just looking for someone special, someone different.
I suppose I just have that positive side where I look for the good in anyone. We all make mistakes.
I have seen some scenes in movies. I have heard some ex-cons talk about their things in life. I’m a bit on the boundary. Do I go over I wonder?

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Prison Pen Pals

I decided to make a change when I was older. I’m a woman who went all out. I bought books on all the dark real/proper criminals. I wasn’t just looking for a run of the mill bank robber or some stand over guy. I started to write to the infamous. I became fascinated by the true monsters. Bundy, Gacy and Dahmer. John Wayne Gacy! He was for me a good man. A family man. Who dressed up as a clown to contribute to his community.
To be one who is a part of Prison Pen Pals, that means you’re an unusual type. Not looking for the white picket fence, the person who is dull or a conformist type. Not the Cinderella story. Let’s be honest you’re looking for the bad boy or bad girl! That is what it is all about at Prison Pen Pals.
Now some of us are just curious. That’s fine. If you wanna be a pen pal with just someone who has been involved in a misdemeanor that’s totally fine. Plenty are like that. If you are more interested in correspondence (chit chat or more) with someone in medium security that’s always available.
However if you are the type who wants to correspond with the real hard ones we can cater to that but it’s not as simple. But it can definitely happen
At Prison Pen Pals we can offer you the whole package.
Let us know what suits you and we’ll make it happen.

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